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Marius Țeicu

  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 26 iunie 2001
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 1h, 40’– o pauză
  • Extra info
  • Spectacol în limba română

Musical (operetta) by Marius Țeicu.

Libretto by Sylva Kerim based on a story by Charles Perrault.

Spectacol online:


Regie artistică: Migry Avram Nicolau

Asistent regie artistică: Arabela Tănase

Scenografie: Răsvan Drăgănescu

Coregrafie: Ioan Kelemen

Asistent coregrafie: Erna Marin

Sufleur: Mihaela Gomoiu

Regie tehnică: Iulian Tudosie

Sonorizare: Sorin Tican, Bogdan Martin

Maestru de lumini: Roberto Bujor

Machiaj/Coafură: Ioana Boicea, Andra Stanciu




Împăratul – Laurențiu Nicu

Barza Bertha – Loredana Nicola

Broasca Bibi – Anca Țecu

Împărăteasa Zimby – Cătălina Șerban

Prințesa – Amina Almahadin

Ursitoare – Alina Onofrei, Alexandra Iordache, Ruxandra Popescu, Cristina Vlad

Zâna copilăriei – Edith Mag

Zâna cea rea – Gabriel Marciu

Doica – Raul Bălșeanu

Bufonul – Daniel Cornescu

Majordomul – Răzvan Segărceanu

Prințul – Alexandru Chera

Însoțitoare – Alina Onofrei, Alexandra Iordache


Baletul Operei Române Craiova



Împăratul – Ioan Kelemen

Barza Bertha – Mirela Popescu

Broasca Bibi – Carmen Roibu

Împărăteasa Zimby – Ionela Trușcă

Prințesa – Mihaela Popa

Zâna copilăriei – Steluța Pălănceanu-Teodorescu

Zâna cea rea – Dorel Stoia

Doica – Marius Țeicu

Bufonul – Alexandru Petre

Majordomul – Teodor Ispas

Prințul – Nicolae Popa

Însoțitoare – Ioana Ciucă, Daniela Ionescu

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a King and a Queen were sad, because they had no children.

One day, Stork Bertha appears at the palace, bringing them a baby, a beautiful daughter.

Aware of the joy that Stork Bertha has brought to the King and the Queen, Frog Bibi, a good friend of the stork, also arrives at the palace.

Overwhelmed with joy, the King organizes a huge party for the Princess’s baptism, where he invites the fairies who give qualities, virtues, beauty and all that can be given in this world.

The Wicked Fairy was not included on the guest list, and she appears furious and willing to take revenge. She wishes that the girl should get pricked by a spindle and die on her 16th anniversary.

Like in all fairy tales, good defeats evil and the childhood fairy (The Good Fairy) announces that she can change evil fate, so that the king’s daughter should not die.

After many adventures, the handsome Prince comes and breaks the spell, bringing the Princess back to life. As usual, everything ends with a beautiful weddings, as one can only find in fairy tales.

Following the story, our imagination works, carries us to remote times, introducing us to a world of happenings that can only be seen in dreams, where the wicked people are always punished, and the good are always rewarded.

The story is told in a modern style, full of morals and spirit, with an educational character, irrespective of the age.


* Programme book from the show of April 30, 2006