The season

Peter Pan

Laurențiu Profeta

  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 12 octombrie 2013
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 2h – o pauză
  • Extra info
  • Spectacol în limba română

Musical in two acts, composed by Laurențiu Profeta.

Libretto and lyrics by Eugen Rotaru, based on James Matthew Barrie.

Spectacol al Operei Române Craiova pe scena Cercului Militar



Peter Pan  Anca Țecu

Wendy  Cătălina Șerban

John  Laura Dumitrescu

Michael  Loredana Nicola

Doamna Darling  Edith Mag

Domnul Darling – Cosmin Vasilescu

Căpitanul Hook  Daniel Cornescu

Gălușcă  Gabriel Marciu

Scăfârlie  Laurențiu Nicu

Nana  / Piuilă –  Alexandra Iordache, Ruxandra Popescu

Umbra  / Șugubeață  Erna Marin

Crocodilul – Alexandru Chera

Cârlionț – Olguța Ilie

Ronțăilă  Amina Almahadin

Pârjol  Sorin Voica


Baletul Operei Române Craiova


Regie artistică: Migry Avram Nicolau

Scenografie: Rodica Garștea

Coregrafie: Constantin Floriean

Asistent regie artistică: Arabela Tănase

Asistent coregrafie: Erna Marin


“To those who are or have managed to remain children, I dedicate the message of my music, from the deep of my heart.”

*Laurenţiu Profeta – composer


“Stories have no age and there is no specific age to tell stories. Writing for children is a blessing for the spirit, but also the major prerequisite to stay young. With love and care, I have decided to write this libretto for the children, and for their parents and grandparents as well.”

**Eugen Rotaru – librettist


 “Who is Peter Pan actually? No one knows and this makes him even more appealing. Peter Pan does not know who he is either, but he says: I am childhood, and play, and joy. Does he believe what he is saying? Anyway, he pretends to be convinced of it, since, otherwise, this would mean that he no longer exists, and he does not have the courage to face such a trial.

We all need a Peter Pan! We need to dream, to hope, to fly to…

All the children of the world need someone to protect and love them. They need a space where they can play freely, fearing nothing.

I am happy that, approaching the wonderful work by Laurentiu Profeta and Eugen Rotaru again, I have had the opportunity to work with the exceptional team of the “Elena Teodorini” Lyrical Theatre of Craiova. I am happy to meet (for the thousandth time) these artists I think of as my children. I am happy to meet Peter Pan because I also WANT TO PLAY THEATRE all my life”.

***Migry Avram Nicolau – director


 “IDEAS, STATES… NOT FIGURES! This is what I have sought to accomplish with the entire team of actors, vocalists and ballerinas.”

****Constantin Floriean – choreographer