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Cavalleria Rusticana

Pietro Mascagni

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  • World premiere
  • Teatro Costanzi din Roma, 17 mai 1890
  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 20 mai 2004
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  • aprox. 1h, 10’
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  • Spectacol în limba italiană cu supratitrare în limba română

Opera in one act, composed by Pietro Mascagni.

Libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzeti and Guido Menasci, based on a novel by Giovanni Verga.

Spectacol al Operei Române Craiova pe scena Cercului Militar

Sâmbătă, 27 aprilie 2024, ora 19:00


Conducerea muzicală: Dumitru Cârciumaru



Santuzza – Corina Vlada (debut)

Lola – Otilia Ungureanu (debut)

Turiddu – David Baños (Spania)

Alfio – Ioan Cherata

Mamma Lucia – Mihaela Popa


Orchestra și Corul Operei Române Craiova


Regia artistică: Tamas Ferkay (Austria)

Asistent regie artistică: Arabela Tănase

Scenografia: Răsvan Drăgănescu


Biletele sunt disponibile online:
și la agenția Operei Române Craiova de la Sala Polivalentă,
Bulevardul Ilie Balaci nr. 6, tel. 0351.442.471,



The action takes place in a village of Sicily, on Easter Day, at the end of the 1890s.

When the curtain rises, a serenade (The Siciliana) is heard, sung by Turiddu under the window of Lola, his former girlfriend. She had married another man while Turiddu was serving in the army. For consolation, Turiddu had found another girlfriend, Santuzza and had sworn to marry her. However, forgetting his promises, he went back to Lola. While the peasants thing of the joys of spring, Santuzza asks Turiddu’s mother for news on him. Several people had seen him around Lola’s home. Asked by Santuzza where he had spent the night, Turiddu answers indifferently, then reacts in a violent manner. Lola’s appearance exasperates Santuzza and as she meets Alfio, Lola’s husband, she tells him everything. Alfio swears he will take revenge. After a brief orchestral intermezzo, the action precipitates. As soon as the Easter party ends, Alfio and Turiddu have a heated exchange of words. A last goodbye of Turiddu to his mother Lucia precedes the confrontation of the two men. A woman brings the tragic notice: Turiddu has been murdered.


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