Carmina Burana

Carl Orff

  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 01 iunie 2014
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 1h, 10’

Carmina Burana (Latin for Songs from Beuern) is the name given to a manuscript of 254 poems and dramatic texts from the 11th, 12th and 13th century. The manuscript was found in 1803 in the Benedictine monastery of Benediktbeuern, Bavaria, and is now housed in the Bavarian State Library in Munich, Germany.

The famous history of the cantata Carmina Burana begins with the discovery of this medieval collection by composer Carl Orff in the catalogue of an antiques shop. From its very first audition (June 8, 1837, Frankfurt am Main) and to the present days, Carmina Burana has enjoyed unexpected celebrity. The explanation resides with the communicative force of the score and the highly powerful and pleasantly obsessive effect of its most renowned excerpts.