Cocoşelul Neascultător (The Disobedient Rooster)

Constantin Ungureanu

  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 30 octombrie 2010
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 1h, 10’
  • Extra info
  • Spectacol în limba română

Operetta in one act composed by Constantin Ungureanu.

Libretto by Ion Lucian.

“Three good friends, the Rooster, the Cat and the Bear built their house in the mushroom at the edge of the forest. They lived happily and peacefully with their friends, the two rabbits: Tail and Ears.

Their only worry was that the Fox might grab the Rooster. Whenever the Cat and the Bear left for wood into the forest or for fishing, they advised the Rooster to stay quiet in the house. However, the Rooster was disobedient, as almost all children, and he was captured by the Fox, who almost cooked him for lunch twice.

Luckily, the Cat and the Bear, along with their friends in the forest, always managed to trick the Fox and save the Rooster. Together, they managed to capture her and take her to the forest ranger’s hut.

Thus they all got rid of the Fox and they lived on happily in their small mushroom, as the Rooster has promised that from now on he will obey the advice of grown-ups.”


*Carmen Roibu – director