Drumu-i Lung Povestea-I Scurta (A Long Way, A Short Story)

Florin Comișel

  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 4 octombrie 2003
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 1h, 10’
  • Extra info
  • Spectacol în limba română

Musical story of folk inspiration, in one act, composed by Florin Comișel.

Text: Cezar Țipa

The show includes a wide array of characters, that Cezar Tipa created starting from language.

He managed to depict strongly defined characters so that, as short as it may be, a part may not be considered a secondary part. One cannot help but notice speech nuances, the expressiveness of Romanian words, the all-encompassing ironies and morals.

This fairy tale (since it is actually a classical fairy tale) includes the general theme of battle between good and evil; the outline of human features such as laziness – honour; kindness – wickedness; availability for communication, hope (of finding happiness, satisfaction), etc. is highly important for children and for adults as well.

The situations are explicit (suggestive or implied by deeds or gestures), and the conclusions are easily drawn.

The actors of our theatre had to go back to their childhood. Otherwise, if they had not been able to find memories of emotion, innocence, naivety, of the large and clear eyes of the children they once were, they would have not succeeded in embodying their characters.

The music by composer Florin Comisel, the basis of the fairy tale, is described by the master Alexandru Racu as “an accessible music, with generous melodies, of a wide inspiration, easy to remember by the auditors and with a direct impact on the show”.


* Programme book from the premiere of the show on October 4, 2003