That Jazz


  • Romanian Opera Craiova Premiere
  • 10 iunie 2010
  • Time Length
  • aprox. 1h, 10’

A modern dancing show, based on a concept by Laurentiu Nicu.

The show tells the story of two sisters who are determined to conquer the world with their dancing talent and arrive in New York, in a jazz bar.

The atmosphere, the light, the smoke, the dazzling spangles of the dancers’ dresses, the jazz, the dancing win them over. They feel that their story in the world of dancing can only begin here. They are lucky and the owner of the club, who is a very resolute woman and who is secretly feared by everyone, employs them.

The club’s leading performer will not welcome them, as they get the best dresses. This gives rise to a conflict in the rhythm of jazz.

Love is also present in this setting. The bartender is in love with the club’s leading performer, but their social differences prevent him from confessing his love, he does not dare to cross the bar.

An impossible love also seems to torment other two performers of the club, who are in love with the same woman as the bartender.

The story has a happy ending: the two sisters remain with the two performers who give up their passion for the lead performer, while the bartender overcomes his fears and manages to conquer her heart.