˝Elena Teodorini˝ International Vocal Competition

Compulsory Repertoire

Concursul Internaţional de Canto ˝Elena Teodorini˝



Please prepare 5 arias from the compulsory repertoire as follows:

3 arias from four different periods:
Period 1: 1600 - 1750
Period 2: 1750 – 1830
Period 3: 1830 - early 20th century
Period 4: 20th century

2 arias from two different operas one of these two may be chosen from operetta.
These 5 arias will be the submitted repertoire.

During the first two rounds, each contestant performs one or two arias from the submitted repertoire. The first aria may be chosen by the singer, the second one (if requested) will be chosen by the jury.
During the final round, up to three arias from the submitted repertoire may be performed. The first piece will be chosen by the singer, the other arias by the jury.
For the Laureates Gala with orchestra accompaniment, the jury will choose arias from the existing material in the theatre library (music scores and individual music scores). If none of the arias that the candidates choose will be found in the theatre library, other arias will be chosen in agreement with the candidates.
Cabaletta and recitative arias will be performed as such, and the jury will decide whether the candidate will execute them partially or completely.

During the competition the organizer will arrange for official piano accompanists and rooms for rehearsals. Both are free of charge. If competitors bring their own accompanists to auditions they may do so only in agreement with the organizer and at their own expense.

Contestants are required to bring the relevant scores to all three rounds.